By Marquee

I am Marquee, a young 30-something year old all about beauty, passionate about hair – Business and Beauty Princess. Who enjoys the art of make-up selection and application, but shines bright like a star when doing hair! Creating weave styles, sifting through textures, switching up looks – that is what I do!

Have you ever entered a room and realized, when the voice in your head, said, “Ready set, and go”! You weren’t on your Marque? You weren’t ready. Not at your best?

I strive NOT to have those moments, EVER.

* With a natural desire to make all things and people worthy of a second look, Genuine Love of beauty, and years doing my own and the hair of others, my journey has truly brought me here to this moment.

Top Quality Hair Extensions

Offering Human Hair Extensions. Ready For Your New Look? We Are Here To Help.

My Mission:

To make you hit that Marque every time.
Let me provide you with quality Lvbundles Extensions, my Go-to products, and advice that will keep you ready to run this race called life and be at your very best at all times. Flawless!!

My Experience:

Hair has been my mission since the age of twelve. I’m self-taught, yet amazing I always aim to please and satisfy my customers that’s a must! Clients range from children, cancer survivors, alopecia patients, and also damaged hair. I value and take pride in this hair business.



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